The need for camping and going on road trips is getting abundant these days. And there is a risk that people might overcrowd the resting spaces with it. However, to keep everything in check, there is a good way to divide the resting spaces. One such way is to construct more motels along the roadside so people can access them easily. While we will be discussing the key differences between a motel and a hotel, at present it is to know that resting places are a necessity. So we will provide you motel 6 near me.

When you consider the abundance of vehicles and how people access various places, the business for motels is increasing rapidly. And in no time they can overtake public spaces likewise. Since accommodations are key, hence resting places always amaze people more. However, budget and other factors do come into play and offer a good response for people to choose an economic and easy-to-access option for motel 6 near me.

What is a Motel?

The truth behind the success of motels comes from understanding why they are called so. When you consider a motel for the first time, most people think that it is a misinterpretation of a hotel. However, a motel is a rest area for the public that like to access rooms and accommodations a quick. In essence, every motel is designed to include direct and easy access to the rooms from the parking lot. Hence, after you get all the booking work, the only thing you need is to use the stairs!

This great setup also makes sure that people will enjoy their stay in these since quick access is the only thing they require. In addition, people do not come to know what it means as a 'motel'. In contrast to a hotel, a motel is a place where visit motor vehicles. Hence, people that travel shortly and quickly find it a great place to rest.

For people who want to look at what is best for them in a motel, it is ideal to know why they can use a motel for. You can simply get access to a motel room at a low cost and also make sure that there is no hassle of crowd, dining, and another rush.

Why is it Called Motel 6?

While all about motel is what people are here for, our topic also involves 'Motel 6' which is another point of interest. This is also a touch of the history regarding motels and how motel 6 came into the existence. Two contractors were at the heart of starting a budget-friendly motel for people to visit, rest, and find the best accommodations.

However, their plan came to the rise when they opened their motel containing 52 rooms. Since the idea of a motel is to offer accommodations at a cheap price, motel 6 carries it ideally. The contractors arranged rooms for people at just $6 which remains astonishing. In essence, everything about motel 6 is positive. It is especially once you consider its location, ambiance, and peacefulness. But that all will count as positives and promotional, but their rise among the people speaks volumes. In essence, with motel 6, there is always a chance to grab the perfect rates for a good night's sleep! Motel 6 currently operates in the United States and Canada through its perfect resting places.

Quick-View History of Motel 6

While motel 6 is all about budget-friendly rooms and fine accommodation, every motel almost offers the same. But it is also about making a mark in the economy and succeeding with your plan. Hence, motel 6 has come a long way in offering people the best accommodations. And here is their quick view of the history:

  • 1965 and motel 6 is opening and beginning as a motel brand. They open the first motel in California
  • 1994 and motel 6 is now expanding as a business network while adopting the franchisee model. It has now opened a franchise location in Arizona.
  • 2000 and motel 6 has expanded the network internationally with the opening of the first motel in Ontario, Canada.
  • From 2009 to 2012, there is a revamp of the room styles within motel 6. It leads to a revamp of all the rooms to modern styles under Project Phoenix.
  • In 2017, motel 6 becomes the largest motel operating network. The company owns more than 1400 motels in around 49 states in the USA and also in five Canadian provinces.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is operating a motel favorable business?

With the world economy falling miserably, thinking of easy ways to make money is the key. Motels always find the first response from customers for their easy access and low costs.

  • What is the key difference between a motel and a hotel?

The ideal difference between a motel and a hotel come through the structure. A hotel has to be larger, with several spacious rooms and often dining spaces. Whereas a motel has to be compact, offering smaller and simpler rooms. A motel also offers direct access to rooms from the parking lot.

  • Why motel 6 is called so?

Motel 6 is a business chain of several motels that began by offering people budgeted rooms for only $6. Hence, the name was adopted as motel 6.

  • Is the trend of motels diminishing?

You could say this a few years ago but with the present scenario of the economy, people find it cheaper to rent a room in a motel than in a hotel. Presently, some motels also have nearby shops for people such as supermarkets and restaurants.


Having the facility to either enjoy in a spacious room in a hotel or to sleep tightly in a motel, always adopt the latter. It is since many factors will come along with selecting a motel. The best will always be cost and effectiveness. When you find a room in a hotel, it can be a hassle to access them, especially when tired. In essence, when you just have to spend a night, staying in a motel makes sense. For various other reasons, a motel suits you best and motel 6 can be your time to enjoy for just $6!

I hope you can find the ideal motel 6 near me.